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Jacksonville, Fl

The Classics IV traces their roots back to music of the late 1950s. In the mid-1960s, Dennis Yost joined a band called Leroy & the Moments which included Wally Eaton, James Cobb, and Joe Wilson. Their name soon changed to The Classics and, in 1966, they signed to Capitol Records and released their debut single Pollyanna. 


As their single circulated, a group in New York called The Classics threatened legal action, prompting another name change to The Classics IV. In Spring of 1967, they signed with Imperial Records and began climbing the charts with singles Spooky, Stormy, Traces, and, Everyday With You Girl. A shift in rock music in the 1970s led to a decline in popularity, but Dennis Yost quickly conquered the oldies circuit with its revival in the 1980s. He obtained the rights to the group’s name and continued to perform until his death in 2008. 

Prior to his death, Dennis Yost passed the group on to Tom Garrett. Garrett, along with band members Kevin Lloyd, James Yoder, Paul Weddle, John Kerner and Shawn White continues to captivate audiences with their professionalism, good humor, and ingratiating personalities. In 2011, The Classics IV returned to the studio with the release of their album A New Horizon, blending the old and the new. 2015 saw the first ever live album with the release of One Stormy Night. In 2019, the group began back-to-back invitations to join the Happy Together Tour. Their popularity is stronger than ever!

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